Build tools that expand accessibility, utility, or application of cyptocurrency or other digital currency technologies.

Join other digital currency enthusiasts to learn about and innovate applications of digital currency technology.

  • Learn the Bitcoin protocol and software stack
  • Create something new or explore existing technologies
  • Hack up an easier-to-use wallet, merchant processor, exchange, alt coin, etc.
  • Pitch your idea to potential co-founders, collaborators, and investors.
  • Win a pass to the Inside Bitcoins conference in New York's Javits Convention Center (April 7-8).
  • Be discovered by a new venture incubator.
  • Visit the newly opened New York City Bitcoin Center.

Project ideas: user friendly wallet, instructional video, alt coin, autonomous corporation, novel distributioned currency protocol concept, blockchain data storage.

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Friday, January 17th
6:00 - 7:00 PM Mingle
7:00 PM Tutorials Start (see Discussion tab for details)

Saturday, January 18th
10:00 AM Mingle for those missing Friday night & Open Hacking
11:00 AM Tutorials Start (see Discussion tab for details)

Sunday, January 19th
10:00 AM Open Hacking

Monday, January 20th
5:00 PM Project Submission Deadline (upload to website)
               Online Voting Begins

Friday, January 31st
Midnight Online Voting Ends


New York City Bitcoin Center
40 Broad Street

Project work can be done on-site or off-site.

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Residents of the United States with at least one team member located in New York City metropolitan area.

All in-person attendees will receive an exclusive discount code for the Inside Bitcoins conference; those submitting a project will receive a greater discount.


Submit link to executable, video of working application, written description, and/or provide on-site demo during event.

How to enter

Pre-register online (blue button on top right) with a description of your skill-sets. Indicate whether you are seeking a team to join or list your intended team members and project description.

Use the Discussions tab to find collaborators, suggest projects, recommend topics for exploration, etc.




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Judging Criteria

  • Usability
    Improve ease-of-use.
  • Security
    Improve security of cryptocurrency storage, transactions, or other exchanges.
  • Utility
    Expand utility of cryptocurrencies.
  • Innovation
    Create something novel.